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Lesotho is a small country completely landlocked
by South Africa. Lesotho is ringed by mountains and the entire country is more than a thousand meters above sea level – it is fittingly known as
the “Kingdom in the Sky”. The country consists mainly of mountains – less than 10 % of the
land is arable.

Two of the best ways to see the country and experience the friendliness of the people are
hiking and pony trekking, the scenery of Lesotho’s rugged landscape is one of the most beautiful
and austere on the African continent. The country is a simple and rural one. Go from tiny village to tiny village, through mountain passes and across
rolling plains – the scenery will be unremittingly spectacular.

Lesotho, roughly translated, means “the land of the people who speak Sotho”. It will come as no surprise, then, that almost all of Lesotho’s inhabitants are
of the Basotho tribe.

Within the approximately 900 kilometres of Lesotho’s boundary with South Africa, the Basotho people live mostly traditional lives in this rugged and unforgiving but starkly beautiful land.

Flag of Lesotho

Lesotho Facts

Map of Lesotho
Full Name Kingdom of Lesotho
Capital City Maseru
Area 30,355 sq km
Population 2,022,331
Time Zone GMT/UTC +2
Languages Sotho, Southern (official)
English (official)
This is spoken by 76% of the population.
Currency Maloti (L)
Climate The climate is what you would expect from a mountainous region. Lesotho’s heavily altitude-dependent temperatures are cool at altitude (often bitterly cold, especially in winter), and snow falls year-round on the mountains. That said, summers can be baking hot under cloudless skies, but the weather tends to be prone to change suddenly to pervasive mist and rain.









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