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The smallest country in Africa. The Swazis
are very easy going and laid-back and are
more likely to celebrate for fun than demonstrate for reform. A progressive and hands-on attitude towards wildlife
preservation has endowed it with a striking bunch of national parks.

Swaziland 's rural charm and peaceful and friendly kingdom draws loads
of travelers, especially those who come to
see cultural events like the annual reed
dances at the Royal Kraal in Lobamba.

There is so much diversity in such a small territory; mountains, forests, valleys and besides the scenic diversity one can explore some of the safari experiences on offer or indulge in the rich cultural heritage of the Swazi people.

The Swazi are traditionally artistic by nature and most neighbourhoods along the main routes display their arts and crafts at the various
roadside markets.

Swaziland is famous for it arts and crafts. You cannot leave without visiting, and most likely buying, some of the most exquisite crafts in Africa.

Swaziland is a small independent kingdom nestled between South Africa and Mozambique. It prides itself on the warmth and friendliness that it extends to all its visitors.

Flag of Swaziland

Swaziland Facts

Map of Swaziland
Full Name Kingdom of Swaziland
Capital City Mbabane (official)
Lobamba (Royal and legislative)
Area 17,363 sq km
Population 1,100,000
Time Zone GMT/UTC +2
Languages Swati (official)
English (official)
Currency Lilangeni (E)
Climate With a mild summer and winter, the climate in Swaziland is mostly pleasant all year. Rain is more frequent from October to May, but with plenty of sunshine, low humidity and temperatures around 25C (77F), these months are hardly a trial to endure. Winters can get quite cold at night but are relatively dry. Closer to Mozambique in the lowlands, conditions become more tropical.









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